Wendy Emerson

Dark Corners

A boy is curled up on a sofa with his back to a man behind him at the end of the sofa. The man is pointing out of the room they may be in and is holding a belt with his other hand.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson Girl comes home from school. Man says “Get in here fool!” You forgot to do what I told you! He rips off his belt beats her til it raises welts. Slaps her in the head and kicks her for good measure. Spare the rod. You know you’re gonna …

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Crows Are Flying

A murder of crows flying.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson Twilight, in the city All the people hurrying A grey sky hangs above them, A cold wind, snow flurrying. Crows are flying, cawing crying, Caw! Caw! you say. From a chimney, smoke is rising fading away, into the darkening evening sky On the corner, an old woman cries …

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Why Aren’t You a Rebel

A silhouette of a police officer raising a baton in the act of beating a person on the ground. We see the silhouette of their pleading hands. In the sky is a the Earth red and yellow with global heating.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson Someone asked me, why I’m a rebel? Well, let me see… Global inequality, poverty Refugee crises and the rising sea, Plastic pollution in our own bodies A mass extinction, a great dying, I think the question is: Why aren’t you a rebel? Why aren’t you a rebel too? …

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Wind Rain Earth Sky

A colorful view of shrubs, trees in the fore ground with clouds, mountains and a body of water in the distance.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson Calling on the Wind! Calling on the Rain! Calling on the Earth and Sky to drive this heartbreak away. Calling on the Sun! Calling on the Moon! Calling on the Stars and Planets to drive this heartbreak away. Win d, Rain, Earth, Sky, Sun and Moon Wind, Rain, …

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Due to Unfortunate Circumstances

A composite image of two tarot cards, the wheel of fortune and the fool.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson Due to unfortunate circumstances I will not be with you tonight. I’ll stay home and turn off the lights. Light a candle in the window and sing a lonely song about the things that I can only dream. Things that I will never be. And I can’t stop …

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I Don’t Care Anymore

A small dilapidated building. The door is gone and so are the windows. It is very dark inside. Growing around it is the green of spring. The sky in the background is an angry red.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson Sorry that I’m such a mess. Sorry that I’m still undressed. Sorry I have wasted the whole day away. Sorry but I might be late. On second thought, you shouldn’t wait. I think I’ll just stay home and cry the night away. I don’t care any more. I …

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One Hundred Seconds to Midnight

A matrix of nuclear explosions set out on a map.

Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson What’s a billion three or fouryears that came beforeyou and me and everythingthat we can see? Eternity. Eternity to weave the magic beauty that is life.From a star filled skycame the love in your eyes.It all goes to hellwhen the clock strikes twelve. One hundred seconds to midnight.One …

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God Bless the Grass

A field of very green grass peppered with daffodils, on the horizon bare trees beginning to bud against a blue sky.

God bless the truth that fights toward the sunThey roll there lies over it and think that it is done  From the song God Bless the Grass by Malvina Reynolds At the end of my dream-like cross-country bicycle tour at the end of July 2018, reality hit hard. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer …

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Back in the Shire

A green road sign saying "Entering Portland"

My intention is to post an illustrated review of the 3.6 Million Revolutions for Justice Bike Tour in the next week or two. The main update I want to leave you with, for now, is that I made it back home to Portland last Friday evening (August 27) after spending a few days relaxing on …

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Almost There

This will be a brief post this week. I have completed 4719 miles of this journey across the North American continent, which I started three months ago (April 21, 2018) in Bar Harbor, Maine. I am resting today and spending some time with friends here on the Oregon coast. Tomorrow morning, I will ride the …

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