Crows Are Flying


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Words and music by Wendy Renee Emerson

Twilight, in the city
All the people hurrying
A grey sky hangs above them,
A cold wind, snow flurrying.

Crows are flying, cawing crying,
Caw! Caw! you say.
From a chimney, smoke is rising
fading away, into the darkening evening sky

On the corner, an old woman cries
Don't go past her
She'll see your lies,
All the ones that you try to hide.

Here soul is the ocean,
Primordial, swirling with stars.
She sees you there in your car.
She know you and all you are.

And, waves are crashing, horns are honking
Get out of the way
On the beach the crabs are dancing
as seaweed sways to the beat of the tide rolling in

Rising, falling, above seabirds fly
and you go under
longing for love 
when your heart burns so deep with the fire inside.


Darkness descends as the old woman finds
a doorway to spend the night,
with traffic for a lullaby.

And, crows are flying, cawing crying
Caw! Caw! you say.