Worried About Who Will Control the Senate?

likedavid / Pixabay

If you are worried about whether the Republicans or Democrats will control the US Senate next week, relax. It doesn’t matter . As I hope you know by now,  money will be the puppeteer that makes the D’s and R’s dance around the stage. Check out this article on Truthdig. More money than ever is being spent on this mid-term election, thanks to the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

To me, the election process looks like nothing more than a match on World Wide Wrestling. Everything is for show. And as you’ll read in Bill Boyarski’s article, in the form of political consulting firms, we have another industrial complex—the political-industrial complex. Just like the others, military, prison, medical insurance, fossil fuels, it will do everything in its power to preserve itself and its profits.

The prospect of meaningful change through the electoral process is more remote than ever. I still vote and encourage others to do so, if nothing else to preserve a last tiny shred of democracy. However, real change can only happen in the streets at this point.