Depressed About Climate Change?

geralt / Pixabay

If you are depressed about climate change, and you should be, you’re not alone. As the bumper sticker goes, if you’re not depressed, then you’re not paying attention. An article on Grist discusses the problem of depression among scientists, and other “frontliners”, such as activists, who study and consider the effects of climate change every day.

It also mentions how the mental health system is not prepared to handle the problem, although if past patterns are any indication, they’ll just put catalog climate change depression in the DSM-5 and prescribe meds for it like they’ve done for every other human inability to cope with things that we just weren’t evolved to handle. What? Your’e depressed because most of your waking hours are spent inside of a box of some kind with very little fresh air or exercise taking orders, or some other kind of grief, from people you don’t even know or like? Take these pills, shut up, and get back to work. The system must survive at all costs, even if it means wrecking your health and that of the planet. “Climate depressive disorder”, or whatever they might officially call it, will be just one more money making opportunity for Big Pharma.